Race Crew

April 2009 Assiniboine Park Run 10

Joan Swain, Chairperson, and the late Ted Swain and daughter Natalie Swain.

Joan Swain was married to Ted for nearly 36 years.  She saw first hand Ted’s love of reading as it impacted upon their two daughters, Kristina and Natalie, and the many students that Ted taught throughout his 37 year teaching career.  She also experienced Ted’s commitment to running as a means to improve health and personal self fulfillment.  Joan, herself not a natural runner, trained under Ted’s gentle tutelage and subsequently ran the Toronto Half Marathon with Ted in Oct 2008.  Sadly Ted’s unexpected passing in May 2009 prevented future planned runs together.  It has been an  honor for Joan to work for over 6 years with the hard working individuals of Ted’s Run for Literacy committee whose goal it is to keep Ted’s memory alive by supporting CanU and, by extension, reading and running.


Joanne Schiewe, Honorary Board Member  (in memoriam).

Joanne Schiewe


Carly Walsh, Social Media 

Carly Walsh is constantly pushing hashtags, re-tweets, and Facebook likes as Ted’s Run for Literacy’s social media and promotions person. Ironically, she rarely posts about her own running journey, which begs the question, “if you ran a marathon and didn’t post about it on social media, did it really happen?”


 Tom Malone, Course Director

Tom Malone considers himself a ‘newby’ Wiley veteran. Tom reintroduced himself to long distance running in January 2017 and since has completed the Hypothermic Half-marathon and the Winnipeg Police Service  Half-marathon. Tom lives vicariously through those who did meet Ted. Tom’s ‘claim to fame’  is peeing his pants at mile 24 of a full marathon. This is Tom’s first year with TRL and he is enjoying the ‘behind the scene’ organization for a run.


Jerri-Lee McKay, Registration

Jerri-Lee MacKay is an Audiologist in the Winnipeg School Division. Although she never had the pleasure of meeting Ted, she has been inspired by his story. Jerri-Lee has been active in the running community for several years and is a volunteer coordinator for kit pick-up for many of the Running Room events. She has run over 20 half marathons. She completed her first full marathon (Manitoba) in June 2017. Jerri-Lee has participated in the TRL 10K several times and is looking forward to contributing to the event as a new member of the organizing committee.


Pat Button Linda Klaric, Food and Beverage

Linda Klaric has been involved with Ted’s run for six years. Linda met Ted through the running room. She ran a 10km personal best with Ted. Linda has run five full marathons and 27 half marathons. Running is a wonderful thing to do.

Pat Button began running later in life and was delighted to find a whole new community of friends. Many of those years were spent running with Ted. Pat is honoured to be part of Ted’s Run for Literacy.


Tim MacKay, Registration

Tim MacKay is very active in the running community through racing, coaching clinics, and supporting a number of run committees and events. Tim enjoys runs of all distances and has a special love for trails and less populated events. He enjoys a good laugh with his runs and the camaraderie of the running community. He has been involved with Ted’s Run for Literacy for many years. Tim has recently completed the Spruce Woods Ultra Marathon, 50 km event.


Aldo Furlan, Volunteer Coordinator

Aldo Furlan is a long-time runner, school coach, and volunteer in the running community. He has competed in distances from five km to marathons across Canada and the U.S. His long standing goal is to finish a race in each province…as long as his left knee lets him. One of his favourite runs was a 10km beach run along the coast of Australia at Crunulla Beach in Sydney. His inspiration to join the Ted’s Run For Literacy team began with it’s first official race, when he saw the connection between Ted’s Run For Literacy and Can U. It was a natural progression and one which he welcomed readily. He is now proud to promote Ted’s Run For Literacy as a continued supporter of CanU at Sister MacNamara, as well as other schools across Canada.


Roger Berrington, Executive Director CanU and Member at Large TRL

Roger Berrington has been and continues to be a huge fan of Ted Swain and Ted’s Run For Literacy. Roger introduced Winnipeg and Manitoba to the amazing after school Running and Reading programs in 2006 (coordinating six after school programs at its zenith) and has enjoyed seeing many kids deepen their confidence and conviction in fitness and literacy over the years. In 2010 Roger was part of a team that launched CanU (the University of Can) which paved the way for kids to be introduced to the dream of a post-secondary education while providing them with mentors, literacy tools, nutrition and health education experiences and a variety of sports. Roger has been a member-at-large with Ted’s Run For Literacy since its inception in 2010.


Michael Bennett; Race Director

Michael Bennett was a friend of Ted Swain and attended several of his clinics. Michael is active in the running community and hosts a blog called See Mike Run. Michael has run many marathons and half-marathons. He has completed several 50 km Ultra Marathons. He is a founding member of TRL and coined the phrase “Ted’s Run for Literacy, the little race that could.”


Winston Yip and daughter, Sponsorship

Winston Yip is active in the running community through racing, volunteering and most recently…committee member of the Ted’s Run for Literacy.  He has 3 full marathons under his belt and over 20 half marathons completed to date.  He enjoys running with his fellow peers and meeting new people in the running community.

Steve Wetton and daughter, Sponsorship

Steve Wetton is the other half of sponsorship for Ted’s Run for Literacy. When not stuck behind a desk, he likes to run, bike, and stay up way too late reading in bed. A seven-time marathon finisher, and with countless half marathons under his belt, Steve knows his way around a pair of running shoes.


Darcie Wadelius, Co-race director

Darcie Wadelius (Co-race director)has been with TRL since its first race.  She fell into running by virtue of joining clinics at the Running Room where Ted mentored many runners who were new to running.  She has several half marathons under her belt and would like to try another full one day. She also loves trail running and has met some of the nicest people through the running community.

Cheryl Maxsom (Dry clothes drop-off)… bio is not available at this time.

Past TRL Board Members

Connie Joy

Petra Rapmund

Bobbi Nicol

Sherri Grandmont

Sandra Danberg

Christy Zamzow

Mouse Fraser (honorary)

Brent Bailey

Lorraine Walton

Rachel Munday

Mike Still



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