Race Day

Sunday, September 25th, 2022

Contact: Race Director at tedsrunforliteracy@gmail.com 

Location: Kildonan Park, 2015 Main Street, Winnipeg, Shelters: Fox, Deer, Ash, and Elm

Parking: Parking is available at the Rainbow Stage parking lot and the Pavilion parking lot. Vehicles parked on the left side of the roadway will be ticketed and towed. Carpooling is strongly encouraged. Absolutely no parking within 50 meters of the start/finish line.

Smoking/ Vaping: Absolutely no smoking/vaping within 50 meters of start/finish line.

Race Start Time: 10 km at 10:00 AM, 5 km at 10:05 AM, and the 2 km at 10:10 AM.

Manitoba Runners’ Association (MRA): Ted’s Run for Literacy is sanctioned by MRA. Ted’s Run for Literacy 10 km is an MRA Classic Series event and 5 km, 2 km are both MRA Youth Series events.

Athletics Manitoba: The 5 km and 10 km course are measured and certified accurate by Athletics Manitoba.

Medals: All participants receive a unique Ted’s Run for Literacy medal designed and made by local artist.

Dogs, Skateboards & Bicycles: For the safety of all participants, dogs, skateboards, and bicycles are not permitted on the course.

Strollers: Strollers are welcome provided they give way to participants wanting to pass and exercise extreme caution as they approach the finish line.

Timing: The 5 km and 10 km runners are chip timed.

Bibs: Bib must be clearly visible on the front of the runner at all times.

Right of Way: Participants must exercise caution and give way to vehicular traffic. Road Marshals are located strategically on the course. Road marshals cannot stop traffic.

10 km Course: The 10-km course is an out and back course. The halfway point is located in St. John’s Park (click here to see map).

5 km Course: The 5-km course is an out and back course. The turnaround point is at 328 Scotia Street (click here to see map).

2 km Course: The course is entirely within the park and is one loop on the designated walkway next to the road (click here to see map).

Course Etiquette: Walkers must give way to runners. Walkers are asked not to bunch abreast. Extra caution is to be exercised when approaching the finish line. Please, run/walk on the right, and pass on the left. Give warning when passing.

Medical: There are medical technicians on bicycles and a medical doctor at the start/finish line. There are two defibrillators and portable oxygen on site. For minor scrapes and bumps we have two first-aid kits (located at Dry Clothes and the Food & Beverage area). Report anyone you think may be in medical duress to a volunteer or committee member.

Dry Clothes Drop Off: Look for the large movers truck. Unclaimed clothing will be stored for one month before being donated to charity.

Water Stations: There are two water stations; one block before the 5-km turnaround and at St. John’s Park. There is no water station for the 2-km event.

Toilets: Toilets are located at the following locations: 1) The basement of Kildonan Pavilion, 2) Indoor facilities close to the start/finish line. 3) Three port-o-potties; two at the start line, one of which is wheelchair accessible, and one at St. John’s Park.

Snacks: Light snacks and coffee/hot chocolate are available at the shelter next to the start line. Bring your own mug.

Cake:  Yes there will be cake; a TRL tradition!

Environment: There are four waste bins marked 1) Landfill Only, 2) Compost Only, 3) Cups Only, 4) Recycle Only. Please deposit your waste in the proper bin. We request all to bring their own cup or bottle for hot beverages.

Weather: Please check the forecast before heading to the event and dress accordingly. In the event of extreme weather the race director has the right to postpone or cancel the race. We are not able to refund registration in the event of an emergency cancellation or poor weather.

Pre-Race Ceremony: The pre-race ceremony begins at 9:40 AM sharp. 

Post Race Ceremony: The post-race awards ceremony begins at 11:00 AM sharp. First place male and female of the 10 km & 5 km events will receive TBA prizes.

The fastest male and female of the 10-km event will each receive a $50 cash prize.

A $100 prize will be awarded to the male and/or female runner who sets a new TRL 10 km course record.

Prizes: To expedite the process, prize numbers will be pre-drawn and posted at the draw prize table next to the Food & Beverage. The numbers drawn will correspond to bib numbers. Unclaimed prizes will be announced following the awards ceremony.

Volunteers: Ted’s Run for Literacy race committee graciously acknowledges and thanks the many volunteers who give freely of their time to keep us safe and comfortable. Their dedication and support is deeply appreciated. Have you hugged air-five a volunteer today?

Sponsors: Ted’s Run for Literacy thanks our many sponsors for their generosity and commitment.

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