2022 Ted’s Run for Literacy Results

10km Overall

10km -Male -Age Group

10km -Female -Age Group

5km Overall

5km -Male -Age Group

5km -Female -Age Group

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And just like that, we’re less than 24 hours from closing registration!

Hit that link and sign up! or join us as a volunteer!


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One Month!

Race day: Sunday, September 25th is one month away!

Things are beginning to pick up speed ( pun intended 😛 ). Kildonan Park is booked, the City of Winnipeg has approved and given us all the necessary permits, our MRA equipment has been requested, sponsors are lining up, the SWAG has come in, medals are being crafted, and much, much more has both been checked off or in process 🙂

I’m thankful for the amazing volunteers that make up the organizing committee. Without them, this “Little Race That Could!” could not be.

I’m also thankful for our participants. Everyone who has registered thus far. With them, we can be the “Little Race That Did!”

Consider this your personal and whole hearted invitation to join us on Sunday, September 25th for our 11th annual race and movement event. Choose from any three options; 2km Family Fun Walk/Run, 5km Run, and 10km Run. Be part of the celebration and know that your registration fee stays here in Manitoba. Donated to CanU. A local non-for-profit after school and mentorship program that invests into our children by providing them resources and hands on learning opportunities, that otherwise perhaps they may not experience.

My name is Mauricio Alfaro and I hope to see you at the Start line 🙂

Thank you reader.

Take care and Cheers!


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September 25th, 2022!

Oh yes, TRL is back!

10 km Race:

5 km Race:

2 km Fun Walk / Run:

Dry Clothes Drop-Off:

Food & Beverage:

Friendly smiles & fun wholesome atmosphere:

Rain: ( we’re manifesting sunshine! )

And best part of all… Cake! ✔✔

We’re happy and excited to plan the 2022 event and we hope that you with your friends and family will join us!

Thank you & Cheers!

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2021 Results by Age in 10km & 5km

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2021 Overall Results for 10km & 5km

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COVID 19 Health Restrictions

Dear Running Community.

Ted’s Run for Literacy is pleased to announce our Covid 19 restrictions for our event on September 26th. We take considerable pride in setting high standards in terms of providing a safe and enjoyable race day experience for all participants including runners, volunteers, sponsors, and board members. We strongly believe the following protocols are socially responsible, reasonable, and will minimize the risk associated with the further spread of Covd-19.

  • All participants including runners, volunteers, and board members will show proof of double vaccination. Runners and volunteers will present their Immunization Card or digital QR Code at kit pickup or earlier.  Board members will self-disclose.
  • Runners will wear a mask at the start/ finish line (it may be removed while running).
  • Runners are asked to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before gun-time and vacate the site within 15 minutes of finishing.
  • If unable to socially distance, all participants including runners, spectators, volunteers, and board members are asked to wear a mask.
  • The awards ceremony will be virtual.
  • Food distribution will be in a ‘go-bag’ (i.e., food will be preselected and bagged by a volunteer).
  • Medals will be individually wrapped and handled minimally.
  • Pre-run group warm-up is cancelled (runners are encouraged to warm up in a socially distanced manner).
  • The 2 km event is cancelled.
  • Race Day registration is cancelled.
  • Dry Clothes drop-off is cancelled.

Further to the above, we are limiting registration for our in-person event. Presently, our registration is capped at 50 participants. If Winnipeg’s Covid case count remains low, we will increase registration to 100 participants and may increase to 150 participants (about 50% of our typical registration number) if Covid case counts remain low through mid-September.  We urge all, especially runners enrolled in the MRA Classic Series, to register now. We will sell out, possibly three times!

Now for the good news. Our race will be professionally timed and will cater exclusively to the 5 km and 10 km runners.  We have unique medals, music, two paramedics and one medical doctor onsite, and the famous Fubuki Daiko Drummers will drum you home!

We are the little race that could… with your support, we will be the little race that did!

Be safe, be kind, be smart.

Michael Bennett

Race Director, Ted’s Run for Literacy

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Hybrid Race

We are excited to announce that TRL is hosting a hybrid event on September 26, 2021. We will adhere to all public health orders and are prepared to pivot to virtual should conditions not improve. However, we are cautiously optimistic that small, outdoor gatherings will be allowed in late fall.

“Hmmm” you say, “what is a hybrid race?”

Awesome question!

A Hybrid Race is a combination of a live, in-person event and a virtual event. We are working on the premiss that gatherings of at least 50 will be permitted. We are therefore limiting the first round of in-person registration to 25 5km registrants and 25 10 km registrants. The Virtual event is unlimited. Some runners may feel more comfortable with the virtual event regardless of gathering size.

Ahh” you say, “what if the government does not allow gatherings of 50?”

Smart question!

In this scenario we will refund 50% of the registration costs and re-register you in the virtual event. Registration for the virtual event is half the cost of in-person registration.

“Hey” you say “I don’t want to do a virtual event, why not refund 100% of my registration?”

That’s a delicate question. Let me try to explain.

We are a a non-profit, charity event. Our mandate is to raise money to support children living in generational poverty. We incur many expenses hosting an event of this calibre. We simply cannot afford to take a loss. By incurring a loss we are literally taking money away from the children we are committed to serve. We will absolutely refund 100% of your registration costs if you insist. We are not here to gouge anyone or take advantage of of an opportunity.

“Sheesh” you say “what if we are allowed gathering of 100 or 200 or a million?

A million? Don’t be silly! But…

Should the government allow larger gatherings, we will open up more spots. The first round is limited to 50. Stay tuned; with luck we will announce another 50 in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed.

We ask for your patience as we struggle through this unknown phase of the pandemic. Understand we are committed to provide you with the best possible race day experience possible. We will keep you posted every step of the way. In the meantime, better register soon, those 50 spots aren’t going to last long.

Michael Bennett and Mauricio Alfaro

Race Directors

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The Final Five is Cancelled.

Dear Registrant;

It is with regret we announce the cancelation of The Final Five due to the heightened level of Covid-19 in Winnipeg. The idea for The Final Five was conceived in mid-August when our Covid-19 cases were minimal as compared to the rest of Canada.  Today, our Covid-19 numbers are among the highest in the nation and show no sign of abating.

Even though our race day plan met or exceeded current Public Health Guidelines, we feel it is socially responsible and ethically proper for us to do our part by reducing the risk of further spreading Covid-19 by cancelling our event.

Please let us know if you want a full refund or if you would prefer to donate it to Junel who will include it in his large donation to CanU.

It’s a good day to be alive.


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Moving with purpose and intensity.

While the world unravels I move forward with purpose and intensity. My mind is sharp, my steps feather light. Kaleidoscopic streams of consciousness sparkle, crackle through the fissures of my cerebellum. My poles click clack, my feet clip clop. I imagine a world of what could be and my spirt soars.

As I move forward with purpose and intensity my insatiable thirst for enchantment is quenched.

I’m well over three-quarters finished my CanU 204 Challenge. You may recall I committed to hike 204 miles to support literacy programming for young people living in under resourced neighbourhoods. I was hoping to raise 204 buck but last time I checked the amount raised is $376.83 (which is precisely $5.23 more than my friend Carly has raised 🙂

Thanks for your support. If you haven’t made a donation yet, please do so. I will forever be indebted and I will personally deliver good karma to your door step. Can you spare a loonie or ten to help a Winnipeg kid rise from poverty? Of course you can. Please donate here or if you’d rather, send an e-transfer to mikebennett1004@gmail.com. Please don’t delay, I only have another 19 miles to go!

Oh, and whatever you DO NOT donate to Carly. 😉 … but, if you must, click here.

It’s a good day to be alive.


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