Hybrid Race

We are excited to announce that TRL is hosting a hybrid event on September 26, 2021. We will adhere to all public health orders and are prepared to pivot to virtual should conditions not improve. However, we are cautiously optimistic that small, outdoor gatherings will be allowed in late fall.

“Hmmm” you say, “what is a hybrid race?”

Awesome question!

A Hybrid Race is a combination of a live, in-person event and a virtual event. We are working on the premiss that gatherings of at least 50 will be permitted. We are therefore limiting the first round of in-person registration to 25 5km registrants and 25 10 km registrants. The Virtual event is unlimited. Some runners may feel more comfortable with the virtual event regardless of gathering size.

Ahh” you say, “what if the government does not allow gatherings of 50?”

Smart question!

In this scenario we will refund 50% of the registration costs and re-register you in the virtual event. Registration for the virtual event is half the cost of in-person registration.

“Hey” you say “I don’t want to do a virtual event, why not refund 100% of my registration?”

That’s a delicate question. Let me try to explain.

We are a a non-profit, charity event. Our mandate is to raise money to support children living in generational poverty. We incur many expenses hosting an event of this calibre. We simply cannot afford to take a loss. By incurring a loss we are literally taking money away from the children we are committed to serve. We will absolutely refund 100% of your registration costs if you insist. We are not here to gouge anyone or take advantage of of an opportunity.

“Sheesh” you say “what if we are allowed gathering of 100 or 200 or a million?

A million? Don’t be silly! But…

Should the government allow larger gatherings, we will open up more spots. The first round is limited to 50. Stay tuned; with luck we will announce another 50 in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed.

We ask for your patience as we struggle through this unknown phase of the pandemic. Understand we are committed to provide you with the best possible race day experience possible. We will keep you posted every step of the way. In the meantime, better register soon, those 50 spots aren’t going to last long.

Michael Bennett and Mauricio Alfaro

Race Directors

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The Final Five is Cancelled.

Dear Registrant;

It is with regret we announce the cancelation of The Final Five due to the heightened level of Covid-19 in Winnipeg. The idea for The Final Five was conceived in mid-August when our Covid-19 cases were minimal as compared to the rest of Canada.  Today, our Covid-19 numbers are among the highest in the nation and show no sign of abating.

Even though our race day plan met or exceeded current Public Health Guidelines, we feel it is socially responsible and ethically proper for us to do our part by reducing the risk of further spreading Covid-19 by cancelling our event.

Please let us know if you want a full refund or if you would prefer to donate it to Junel who will include it in his large donation to CanU.

It’s a good day to be alive.


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Moving with purpose and intensity.

While the world unravels I move forward with purpose and intensity. My mind is sharp, my steps feather light. Kaleidoscopic streams of consciousness sparkle, crackle through the fissures of my cerebellum. My poles click clack, my feet clip clop. I imagine a world of what could be and my spirt soars.

As I move forward with purpose and intensity my insatiable thirst for enchantment is quenched.

I’m well over three-quarters finished my CanU 204 Challenge. You may recall I committed to hike 204 miles to support literacy programming for young people living in under resourced neighbourhoods. I was hoping to raise 204 buck but last time I checked the amount raised is $376.83 (which is precisely $5.23 more than my friend Carly has raised 🙂

Thanks for your support. If you haven’t made a donation yet, please do so. I will forever be indebted and I will personally deliver good karma to your door step. Can you spare a loonie or ten to help a Winnipeg kid rise from poverty? Of course you can. Please donate here or if you’d rather, send an e-transfer to mikebennett1004@gmail.com. Please don’t delay, I only have another 19 miles to go!

Oh, and whatever you DO NOT donate to Carly. 😉 … but, if you must, click here.

It’s a good day to be alive.


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Half-way there!


Do you know why runners are so darn happy? It’s because they set goals and whittle away at achieving their goals. Many have their next goal in mind even before achieving the original goal. The secret to happiness is a terribly simple formula; just ask a runner.

Set goal + achieve goal = happiness (repeat infinity).

I’m half-way to achieving my See Mike Hike CanU 204 Challenge goal to hike 204 miles in Winnipeg. I hike to a new location almost every day. My average distance per outing is 5 miles. My average pace is between 14 and 15 m/m which is pretty good considering my running pace typically hovered around 9 and 10 m/m.

Occasionally we must adapt our goals to meet changing conditions. For instance, my original goal was to hike Garbage Hill’s Thump Trail 204 times but, after a nasty dog bite on my 85th loop, I was scared off my beloved Garbage Hill, perhaps forever. So, what to do?

We adapt.

We pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. We lick our wounds. We have a Haagen Daz ice-cream bar (true fact) and lay low for a few days. We then continue forward movement. We continue our pursuit of the holiest of Holy Grails, happiness. Thus the formula may change, but the outcome is equally true, perhaps even sweeter.

Set goal + 1st attempt to achieve goal (- set-back) + adapt + 2nd attempt to achieve goal = happiness (repeat infinity)

All money raised through this challenge will help eliminate the cycle of childhood poverty, an audacious goal indeed! I encourage you to make a small donation to this cause. You will feel good about yourself, money back guarantee!

Please visit See Mike Hike or send me an e-transfer. Either way you will receive a tax receipt.

It’s a good day to be alive.



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Not This Year

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 6.57.10 PM

After much deliberation we announce the cancellation of Ted’s Run for Literacy 2020.

This was to be our much anticipated 10th event so it is particularly vexing to our race committee. As difficult as this decision is, we feel it is in the best interest of public safety, and indeed a wise decision in uncertain times.

Even if we were green lighted by the province to proceed, we feel the risk to our volunteers and participants exceeds any possible advantage of moving forward.

We remain committed to providing a ‘gold standard’ event; unfortunately, this is simply not possible in 2020.

BUT, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop moving our mission forward. Stay tuned for some exciting news in the coming weeks.

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Ted’s Run for Literacy, COVID-19 update.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 6.40.00 PMTed’s Run for Literacy is no different than all other running events; planning is suspended until officials tell us otherwise.

Are we hoping for the biggest, grandest 10th annual celebration on September 27?

A resounding YES!

Are we preparing for cancelation, the worst case scenario?

Sadly, yes.

We remain cautiously optimistic, however we sit tight with fingers crossed. We have no option but wait and see where this terrible pandemic leads us.

We send support and love to the many race directors and crews who have cancelled their events due to Coronavirus.  Months of anticipation and planning have fallen wayside through no fault. Know that we understand your situation and we will be back supporting you in spades next year.

To our running family -and we are family- we encourage you to be safe, practice social distancing, and run. Run lone wolf and discover trails, discover yourself, discover nature, discover time, discover solitude, discover prayer.

Reach out to those shuttered. Reach out to children in need. Reach out to the elderly. Reach out to those you love.

And for heavens sake, don’t hoard!


It is a good day to be alive.


Race Director, Ted’s Run for Literacy

If all else fails… view this.




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Ted’s Run for Literacy 2019 Results

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Free Registration!


That got your attention.

Ted’s Run for Literacy would love to offer free registrations but alas, we cannot.  We remain committed to our mission of eliminating the cycle of childhood poverty and our goal of hosting a Class A+ running experience for all levels of competitiveness. This costs money.

Free doesn’t purchase running shoes, tee-shirts, shorts, and hygiene kits for under resourced children attending CanU. Free doesn’t buy a laptop computer and state of the art, early literacy programming opportunities for the grassroots inner-city Learn and Play program.  Free doesn’t teach intergenerational traumatized adults how to interact with their children in ways that build hope and promote resilience.

TRL offers competitive registration fees. The average adult early bird registrations fee for 10 km events in Winnipeg is $43.25. We charge $40. The average for 5km events is $29.57 while we charge $30. We offer MRA membership discounts, teacher packages, senior and youth discounts, extremely generous school discounts, and when asked, we happily gift free registrations for community raffles.

It’s impossibly difficult to compete against free registrations, but that’s exactly what we’re facing.  lululemon athletica  recently announced -out of the blue- they are hosting a 5km running event on September 29, the same day as TRL.  They offer free registrations, free breakfasts, free medals, and other free perks.  They will cap their event at about 540 registrants. This event is not sanctioned by MRA nor was it on anyone’s radar until mid-July.

Yup, it’s hard to compete with free.

In fairness, lululemon has come clean. They have apologized to the TRL Board claiming their inexperience in hosting running event is the reason for the conflict. lululemon has promised not to hold their event on the same day as TRL in 2020 and they will consult with MRA for future events. We respect lululemon for owning their blunder and their commit to positive action.

We at Ted’s Run for Literacy hope we have won your respect in our nine years of providing a Gold Standard running event for all abilities. We hope you will continue to support the little race that could in our mission to make the world a better place for children living in poverty.

It’s been said ‘the big print giveth and the small print taketh away’. Free is a mighty big word. I encourage you to be sceptical of the big print and wary of the small print. Sometimes the small print is so small it’s not even visible to the human eye.

You’ll find the true cost of free buried tightly within the small print.

(and don’t forget…we have cake, free cake)

It’s a good day to be alive.


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MRA Discount



Thousands and thousands of you – umm well, actually two of you, but we expect more – have asked if Ted’s Run for Literacy offers a discount for MRA Members.  The answer is, of course we do!

If you are a current MRA member in good standing (that means you have to stand good, straight and tall, no slouching please) you are entitled to a $5.00 discount for either the 5 km or 10 km event. The discount does not apply to our 2 km event because it’s run it at a loss or near loss already and we really do need to make a profit, however tiny, to keep our mission alive.

To redeem your $5.00 MRA discount while registering online simply type the highly top-secret code when prompted. The highly top-secret code is ‘MRA’ (duh). Through the magic of the inner-net the discount will be applied at check out.

If you’re a luddite you can redeem the discount the old fashioned way; with ink, quill and paper. Simply print (cursive preferred) the highly top-secret code (see above if you have memory retention issues) and, using your abacus, subtract $5.00 from the registration fee.

Ezy pzy, right?

There is absolutely NO discount of any kind if you register on race day!  In fact you will pay a significant premium on race day and we will require your first born as collateral. Race day is crazy enough so please be reasonable in your expectations.  Why not skip the stress of late registration and save a few dollars by registering now… go… I still see you… what are you waiting for?

We will do our due diligence by crossing referencing the names of people requesting the discount with the current MRA membership list. Remember, just because you took out an MRA registration 5 years ago doesn’t mean you are still a member. If in doubt, call the good folks at MRA.

This is just one more reason to register -NOW- for the little race that could aka the sleep in race.

As per usual, we expect our 5 km to sell out, so don’t dilly dally, register now.

It’s a good day to be alive.



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Doing our bit for o’l Ma Earth

"It's just one straw" said eight billion people.

Sayan Basak, Times of India


Ted’s Run for Literacy is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We’ve always aspired to be Green, but this year we’re stepping up our game considerably! We like to think we are leaders in the running community.

Going Green is complicated business and costly. It means rethinking our event from top to bottom and making tough decisions.  It means risking inconveniencing our dear patrons.  It means extra work for our small volunteer base. It means reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible within our limited means.

Most of all it means getting the word out…



In no particular order, Ted’s Run for Literacy is committed to the following actions:

  • We will significantly reduce all single use plastic including straws and plastic water bottles from our 2019 event.
  • We will purchase compostable cups for our water stations. The cups are gathered at the end of the event for professional composting.
  • Our cake will be served on paper napkins (i.e. not paper plates).
  • We will not provide plastic cutlery (cake tastes best when eaten with fingers, duh).
  • We will significantly reduce our paper brochures and other paper media.
  • The cups provided by Tim Hortons, MacDonalds, and Starbucks are not recyclable. For this reason we encourage patrons to bring their own cup for hot beverages.
  • We encourage patrons to bring their own refillable water bottle.
  • Our medals are handmade by a local artist, Natalie Ferguson, thus reducing our carbon footprint and supporting a local artist.
  • We will continue to separate waste generated at our event into three categories: landfill, compost, and recyclable.
  • We will collect unwanted used bibs and give them to MRA who will collect them for the Youth Series events.

We welcome your feedback.  Please let us know what you think of these initiatives. Will you be inconvenienced? Are we expecting too much by asking patrons to bring their own water bottle and cup?  Perhaps you have some ideas that we haven’t thought of, if so share them in the comment section below.

As always, it’s a good day to be alive.


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