Ted’s Run for Literacy was established in 2010 following the death of Ted Swain on May 3rd, 2009. Ted was a passionate teacher of English at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Winnipeg. He was also dedicated running coach who nurtured hundreds of novice runners. Ted is remembered fondly by the running community with whom he identified to his last step. To date, Ted’s Run for Literacy has raised approximately $35,000 to help break the cycle of childhood poverty. We are the little race that could.¬†

header_03Proceeds from Ted’s Run for Literacy support CanU, an after school program that inspires hope and confidence in Winnipeg children living at or below the poverty level. The three “big ideas” of CanU are: 1) Nutrition, 2) Sport, and 3) Literacy.

CanU director Roger Berrington says “When we open the door to possibility, the ‘impossible’ disappears”.

CanU’s Vision aligns seamlessly with TRL’s beliefs and we are proud of our association.

Proceeds from Ted’s Run for Literacy ¬†will be used to help purchase:

  • New athletic shoes for the child participants. Currently CanU depends on donated used shoes for students to “borrow”. Shoes are always in short supply and are generally beat up. And hey, let’s face it, is there any better way to feel good about yourself than slipping on a new pair of kicks?
  • Kits for the child participants. The kit includes an athletic shirt, athletic shorts, laundry bag, and other items. The kit is a great source of pride for the students and helps build community. The best news? They get to keep the kit bag upon graduation from the program!


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