Half-way there!


Do you know why runners are so darn happy? It’s because they set goals and whittle away at achieving their goals. Many have their next goal in mind even before achieving the original goal. The secret to happiness is a terribly simple formula; just ask a runner.

Set goal + achieve goal = happiness (repeat infinity).

I’m half-way to achieving my See Mike Hike CanU 204 Challenge goal to hike 204 miles in Winnipeg. I hike to a new location almost every day. My average distance per outing is 5 miles. My average pace is between 14 and 15 m/m which is pretty good considering my running pace typically hovered around 9 and 10 m/m.

Occasionally we must adapt our goals to meet changing conditions. For instance, my original goal was to hike Garbage Hill’s Thump Trail 204 times but, after a nasty dog bite on my 85th loop, I was scared off my beloved Garbage Hill, perhaps forever. So, what to do?

We adapt.

We pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. We lick our wounds. We have a Haagen Daz ice-cream bar (true fact) and lay low for a few days. We then continue forward movement. We continue our pursuit of the holiest of Holy Grails, happiness. Thus the formula may change, but the outcome is equally true, perhaps even sweeter.

Set goal + 1st attempt to achieve goal (- set-back) + adapt + 2nd attempt to achieve goal = happiness (repeat infinity)

All money raised through this challenge will help eliminate the cycle of childhood poverty, an audacious goal indeed! I encourage you to make a small donation to this cause. You will feel good about yourself, money back guarantee!

Please visit See Mike Hike or send me an e-transfer. Either way you will receive a tax receipt.

It’s a good day to be alive.



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