Ted’s Run for Literacy, COVID-19 update.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 6.40.00 PMTed’s Run for Literacy is no different than all other running events; planning is suspended until officials tell us otherwise.

Are we hoping for the biggest, grandest 10th annual celebration on September 27?

A resounding YES!

Are we preparing for cancelation, the worst case scenario?

Sadly, yes.

We remain cautiously optimistic, however we sit tight with fingers crossed. We have no option but wait and see where this terrible pandemic leads us.

We send support and love to the many race directors and crews who have cancelled their events due to Coronavirus.  Months of anticipation and planning have fallen wayside through no fault. Know that we understand your situation and we will be back supporting you in spades next year.

To our running family -and we are family- we encourage you to be safe, practice social distancing, and run. Run lone wolf and discover trails, discover yourself, discover nature, discover time, discover solitude, discover prayer.

Reach out to those shuttered. Reach out to children in need. Reach out to the elderly. Reach out to those you love.

And for heavens sake, don’t hoard!


It is a good day to be alive.


Race Director, Ted’s Run for Literacy

If all else fails… view this.




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