MRA Discount



Thousands and thousands of you – umm well, actually two of you, but we expect more – have asked if Ted’s Run for Literacy offers a discount for MRA Members.  The answer is, of course we do!

If you are a current MRA member in good standing (that means you have to stand good, straight and tall, no slouching please) you are entitled to a $5.00 discount for either the 5 km or 10 km event. The discount does not apply to our 2 km event because it’s run it at a loss or near loss already and we really do need to make a profit, however tiny, to keep our mission alive.

To redeem your $5.00 MRA discount while registering online simply type the highly top-secret code when prompted. The highly top-secret code is ‘MRA’ (duh). Through the magic of the inner-net the discount will be applied at check out.

If you’re a luddite you can redeem the discount the old fashioned way; with ink, quill and paper. Simply print (cursive preferred) the highly top-secret code (see above if you have memory retention issues) and, using your abacus, subtract $5.00 from the registration fee.

Ezy pzy, right?

There is absolutely NO discount of any kind if you register on race day!  In fact you will pay a significant premium on race day and we will require your first born as collateral. Race day is crazy enough so please be reasonable in your expectations.  Why not skip the stress of late registration and save a few dollars by registering now… go… I still see you… what are you waiting for?

We will do our due diligence by crossing referencing the names of people requesting the discount with the current MRA membership list. Remember, just because you took out an MRA registration 5 years ago doesn’t mean you are still a member. If in doubt, call the good folks at MRA.

This is just one more reason to register -NOW- for the little race that could aka the sleep in race.

As per usual, we expect our 5 km to sell out, so don’t dilly dally, register now.

It’s a good day to be alive.



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