Manitoba Marathon Does it Again!


Just wow!

The Manitoba Marathon is clearly the premier running event this side of Minneapolis.  Although I did not have the opportunity to run this year, I have run six and they just keep getting better.  I stood curb side in Wolseley at mile 11.5 and called out names as I could read them from the bibs.

And the names I couldn’t read were replaced with an endless chatter…

“Way to go Rocket Man”

“You’re rocking the course”

“You’ve got this”

“Smile if you peed a bit”

… and on and on.

But never once did I say the curse of all runners, the dreaded…

“You’re almost there”

Brrr, bad, never say that unless you can hear, smell, and see the finish line!

There are mostly smiles at this point, after all we’re 2 miles shy of the halfway point and the weather is gloriously cool.  There are a few grimaces from the first timers and one young woman appeared to be in distress. I cautioned her to hydrate and she managed a feeble smile.  I hope she makes it!

Mercifully, the fan support is growing, at least here in Wolseley. There was a time the fans would remain quiet, cheer like mad when their loved one crossed, and then pack up and leave.  There now appears to be block cheering parties taking shape.  There are kids entertaining the runners with cartwheels and funny signs while moms and dads cheer loudly and proudly for all runners. Keep it up Winnipeg!

I am proud of my community.  I am proud of The Manitoba Marathon.  Winnipeg is a world class city and The Manitoba Marathon, under the leadership of executive director, Rachel Munday, has risen to the occasion.

Just wow!


PS:  Don’t forget the little race that could on September 29, we may be small, but we have cake!


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2 comments on “Manitoba Marathon Does it Again!
  1. Nadine linder says:

    Well said. I was volunteering at a water station on Wellington
    Crescent and Academy. It was so much fun seeing familiar faces and cheering on the runners. The running conditions were perfect.


  2. Ted's Run For Literacy says:

    Thanks Nadine. I was thinking of scooting over to Wellington Crescent, but my timing was way off.


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