Is the 5 km event the new black?

high 5

photo credit Blake Anderson

There was a time the 5 km event was seen as a fun little run, a literal jog in the park to work off last night’s pie and ice-cream or to warm up for more ‘serious’ endeavours.  Not so anymore; the popularity  of the 5 km distance is growing exponentially.

“Everyone thinks the marathon is the Holy Grail, when a lot of people should really be doing the 5K,” says Jason Karp, an exercise physiologist and running coach.

Blogger Christine Aschwanden  argues “Some people aren’t suited to long distances — their natural talents tend toward power and speed rather than endurance.And if you’re exercising for health and fitness, several studies suggest that moderate mileage, which is typical in a training plan for 5Ks, might provide a better way to get there”.

This race director adds with humility “… if you’re aging or if you’re injured, or if you’re injured and old (like me), if you’re overwhelmed with life and work and family, if you’re wanting to do something positive but are swimming in a choppy sea of self-deprecation and self-doubt, and if you pine for the glory days, if you pine for success and gratitude, if you pine for happiness and well-being, the 5 km distance might be just for you”.

Why not give it a try?

Ted’s Run for Literacy first added the 5 km event to their race roster in 2015. Forty-seven registered and their times ranged from 17:55 to 54:07. In 2018 ninety-eight registered and the times ranged from 20:43 and 56:14.  That’s a 100% increase in registrants in three years. Indeed, the new black.

We have always considered our 10 km event to be our premiere event when, in fact, the numbers suggest a shift to the 5 km event.

In 2016, 2017, and 2018 our race crew scrambled to fill the demand for the 5 km event.  You need to understand we pre-chip our bibs at a cost of about $3.00 each, so it’s important we estimate judiciously. We have under-estimated the demand for two consecutive years and sadly, we’ve had to decline some registrants due to a sell-out. This hurts us financially and leaves the runner feeling bummed.

In preparation for another sell out, Ted’s Run for Literacy will chip 150 5 km bibs and 150 10 km bibs. Don’t leave us hanging, we pay $3 for unused bibs so please spread the word and click, click, click here to register.

The little race that could…


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