TRL Coffee Table – Carly Walsh, Ted’s Run for Literacy Social Media & Promotions

TRL; What are you currently reading?
CW: I’m switching between Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike (e-book) and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (real book).

TRL: What made you pick those books?
CW: Honestly, I picked up Shoe Dog initially because I’d read an excerpt from the book online that featured Steve Prefontaine, and I’ll read anything about Pre. But he’s actually only a very small segment of an incredible brand story!

And I picked Harry Potter because who doesn’t like getting lost in a little magic?

TRL: What are some of the things you’ve learned from reading these books so far?
CW: There’s so many takeaways from Shoe Dog in all areas of life – from business to leadership. I think what I really liked is the “fake it til you make it” aspect. Phil Knight didn’t know anything about making and selling running shoes, he just had a “crazy idea” that he could make a better shoe. He guessed, improvised, and followed his instincts into success (although that took a very long time; so another takeaways is never give up on your “crazy ideas”).

With Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – which I’m only part way through – I’d say it’s really all about no one else can define who you are – not your parents, not your social clique (or Hogwarts House in this case) – you just do you.

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