TRL Coffee Table – Michael Bennett, Ted’s Run for Literacy’s race director

TRL: What book are you reading?

MB: I just finished reading

The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout.

TRL: What made you pick this book?

MB: I read her earlier book called Olive Kitteridge and I fell in love with her style.

She writes about the dynamics of families and the power of childhood memories that often spill into adulthood with frightening consequences. Coming from a large and complicated family myself, I’ve always been intrigued with this topic. There is so much below the surface of how families present themselves to society. Strout methodically peels back layer upon layer of the human condition, exposing raw nerves. It is here where healing can take place.

TRL: What are some things you’ve learned from this book?

MB: I have learned that the perfect family does not exist. There are always flaws and impropriety within any family nest no matter how strong and pure they may present. Events from the past that appear innocuous at the time sometimes become tortuous memories
with significant truth. The takeaway from this book is learn to accept others and their flaws and, paradoxically, love yourself despite your own flaws. Learn to own your mistakes and ask forgiveness.

TRL: Who should read this book?

MB: Anyone with family skeletons in their closet; in other words, everyone.

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