The People of TRL: Melissa Budd 


Ted’s Run for Literacy: When did you start running and why?
Melissa Budd:I started running in high school – but no serious distance. I started a teaching job in Stonewall in 2007 and met David Fielder. Crazy runner guy told me I could run a marathon. I wasn’t so sure, but I thought I’d give it a try. He gave me a running plan in March 2008. I ran the Police Half in May 2008 and a few months later the Manitoba Marathon. I’ve been hooked ever since.

TRL: You’ve put hundreds, probably thousands of miles, under you feet running marathons and ultras (winning those we might add). Where does that drive come from?
MB: I don’t know that I have too much of a “drive”. I’m really not a competitive person. I do like to challenge myself though. I wanted to see if I could run (a minimum) six miles a day for a year. That was over four years ago – so I guess I could do it. Now I think I’m compulsive and can’t give it up. I like the long distances. I’m not fast, but I can go a long time. I think if I was fast, I’d run less! I guess I just really like running (especially at a comfortable pace). I’ve met so many incredible people just by running! I don’t think I’m a naturally social person, but when I’m running conversations seem to flow so easily. Running is magical in that way.

TRL: What do you think about when your clocking the kms?
MB: Thinking? Sometimes nothing, sometimes everything. I run when I’m happy; I run when I’m sad; I run when I’m angry (that’s when I’m almost fast). Every run is different. Sometimes I run with music, sometimes I spend my run wishing it was over. It’s just like life…some days good, some days suck, but even when it gets really bad – it is still good that you are alive, and still good that you can run (not everyone can).

TRL: If a movie/TV villain was chasing you who would have you running at top speed?
MB: Leather face from Texas Chainsaw Massacre – anyone who can run with a chainsaw is pretty bad ass.

TRL: What does Ted’s Run mean to you?
MB: Ted’s Run is a wonderful local run that honours a great man who loved running and learning. As a teacher this is close to my heart. Also, you couldn’t ask for more awesome people on the board of directors. It’s like the little engine that could; little race with a big heart!

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